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Why is my FB feed full of people of color being outraged by the verdict of the Trayvon Martin trial, and my white friends are nonchalantly talking about how they just went shopping, ran a marathon, and are proud of zimmerman’s acquittal. WTF. No kid should ever have his or her life taken away from them because they look suspicious. It’s time to go educate people that racism still exists and RACIAL PROFILING NEEDS TO STOP. It’s time to educate our youth that this is not okay and how they can make a difference. This is only the beginning, get ready RVA for some change. 

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    I dig it.
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  8. swtnd said: dude unfriend those racist assholes, and fuck the dude reblogging this saying ‘omg race baiting’ OFC ITS A RACE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM IS RACISM EXISTS god ):<
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    This isn’t a race problem. STOP RACE BAITING
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